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Curlformers® are heat-free curling tools that curl your hair with kindness. Suitable for all types of hair, whether you want curl your straight locks or reshape your curly hair.

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Genuine Curlformers

Genuine Curlformers®

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Hair Friendly

Genuine Curlformers

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Curlformers® comes in three styles: Barrel, Spiral and Corkscrew, with Barrel being our widest, loosest curl and corkscrew being tighter, shorter curls.

Curlformers work by keeping your hair naturally curled as it dries. You simple use our styling hook to apply the curlformers to sections of your hair, then sit back and relax as the Curlformers do the work.

Yes, most definitely! Curlformers® all hair types & are a heat free way to change your curl pattern for few days & your natural curls will return back without any risk of heat damage. You will find that using Curlformers® will give your hair definition by reforming your curls, allowing you to create different curl styles. You might also notice that textured or natural hair actually relaxes into beautiful curls with Curlformers®, and wavy hair transforms into beautiful glossy curls….the possibilities are endless.

The best reason of all is this: Curlformers® use no direct heat, so you can't damage your hair in the same way you can with heated appliances. Take a look at all the different styles you can recreate with Curlformers®, as these are much more diverse than with tongs or wraps. If you have “natural” hair you will find it curls easily using Curlformers®, which adds definition to your hair.

Yes, they are. You can easily apply Curlformers® or Waveformers® on damp hair. Make sure hair is combed through & tangle free to avoid knots, to dry the hair you can let the Curlformers naturally, sleep in them or for a quicker result use one of our Softhoods® with a hairdryer on a low heat. Once the hair is dry, let the hair cool & gently ease out the Curlformers® you will have beautiful curls fit for any occasion. They are also safe for a child's hair however you could add a holding product like a mouse as children’s hair is soft & will need some hold factor.

They both work on all hair types and particularly well on natural hair. They are a heatless way to change your curl pattern for few days & your natural curls will return back without any risk of heat damage. With different curls and waves & many lengths to choose from we work on short & long hair including wigs & weaves. You do not need to straighten your hair first, the Curlformers will smooth your hair into the desired curl. Curlformers can stretch out, elongate & define hair which is prone to shrinkage. For best results use a moisturiser (not heavy oil) & a curl cream with a good hold factor to set your curls. To dry faster when in a hurry use a softhood® dryer & ensure the hair is fully dry before removing your Curlformers® or Waveformers®



Linda J.

Linda J.

It's the best!!!

I love my Curlformers and Waveformers. They are the best. No hair breakage. Easy to install. Only buy them at this website. I've seen other knockoffs on other sites. Do not trust them. Buy the real product, and you won't regret.

Carol M.

Carol M.

Excellent shipping and follow up

Excellent shipping and follow up service.

Karen D.

Karen D.

The best curler products we've tried.

Curlformers are so easy to use. My daughter has poker straight hair that doesn't even kink after it's been plaited all day. These actually worked, her hair stayed curled all day! :1F973: I have recommended them to quite a few people.

Karyne B.

Karyne B.

Pro Curlformers Spiral Styling Kit

used Curiformers several years back when they were new to the market. It worked quite well then and the product has remained the same excellent quality. The spiral curls held beautifully for several days on my naturally curly hair. The installation process was simple along with the take-down.

Nichola L.

Nichola L.

Good service, product and packaging.

The curlformers arrived quickly and well packaged. They work really well and mean I don't have to use heat to get the curls/waves I want.



Great good quality product

Their service is great! I would definitely buy from them again. I love their products. Me and my girls thought it would be fun to try out the curl formers. We all really like them. Super easy and super cute curls. I got all 3 sizes of curlers for the short hair and it worked really well for my short hair as well as my daughter's long hair.

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