Our hair today is in better condition than ever thanks to wider trends that have been growing over the last decade. Women of all hair types from every corner of the globe are working harder than ever to keep their hair in the healthiest possible condition by ditching the heat, harsh chemicals and damaging styling routines that can cause lasting and serious harm to our hair.

In the effort to replace these harmful techniques, there has been a huge boom in hair-friendly products that achieve the same great styling results, but with no lasting damage to your hair. We at Curlformers™ are at the forefront of this movement and encourage women of all hair types and textures to explore ways they can display their personality through their hairstyles. Whether you have poker straight hair or tight corkscrew curls, Curlformers™ provides you with a hair-friendly, easy way to create versatile and beautiful curls!

This year is the 10th Anniversary of Curlformers™, and to celebrate this, as well as the trends in healthy hair styling and curly looks, we’re making 2018 all about #10YearsofKinderCurls! Everything from our website to our YouTube channel will be focused on how you can #LoveYourHair and embrace the curl movement in a hair-healthy way.

Keep your eyes peeled for surprises throughout the year and join in the conversations on our social channels to celebrate how you can #LoveYourHair too.


Curlformers has teamed up with several well known and influential hair and beauty bloggers to recreate some of the most iconic hairstyles from the last century.

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10 years of kinder curls influencer hub

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