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The latest hair curling craze in the US is set to create waves in the UK with the arrival of Curlformers. A bit like a hair roller but with a very modern twist, Curlformers create gorgeous, glossy curls without subjecting hair to harsh heat and damage associated with using styling irons. If you watch the step-by-step video guide and follow the instructions on our website, your curls should last longer too!

From prom-perfect spirals to the latest red-carpet glamour looks, Curlformers are suitable for all hair types – whether your hair is fine and fragile, poker straight, naturally curly but frizzy or coarse and unruly and can transform you into a curly diva overnight! Yes, if you’re really determined you can even sleep in them and wake with soft, bouncy curls the next morning.

Available in a variety of lengths and widths, each size Curlformer comes in two colours: one twists clockwise and the other twists anti-clockwise. Great fun and easy to use, they can be applied in the comfort of your own home where you can always ask mum or a friend to help. Apply them all over to create a mass of defined curls or at random to create texture.

Curlformers will produce a more defined curl the longer they’re left in the hair so apply, then relax, do your chores OR create a buzz and wear them while you shop!

Curlformers should always be applied to damp hair. If you’re going to use a hairdryer to speed up the process, apply a little mousse for hold and a protective styling spray and blow dry for 30 to 40 minutes. To dry naturally, leave the Curlformers in for as long as possible and for a minimum of two hours. When your hair is completely dry carefully remove the Curlformers and tease your new curls into place, using a serum for definition then mist with hairspray for longer-lasting hold.

Curlformers come in various lengths and widths:

Short and Wide for natural-looking curls on short hair up to 9in (20 cms) long

Short and Narrow for ringlet curls on short hair up to 9in (20 cms) long

Long and Wide for natural-looking curls on medium length hair up to 14in (35 cms) long

Long and Narrow  for ringlet curls on medium length hair up to 14in (35 cms) long

Long and Extra Wide  for loose barrel curls on medium to long hair up to 16in (40 cms)

Extra Long and Wide for natural-looking curls on long hair up to 22in (55 cms) long

Choose from a selection of Styling Kits, which come with a Styling Hook, or smaller Starter Packs and buy the Styling Hook separately. The Styling Hook is an essential piece of kit!


From £8.25 for a Starter Pack.

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