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A Curly Halloween: costumes and curls inspired by our fave ghouls and ghosts

The spooky season is quickly approaching with Halloween less than a week away! The perfect way to top off any scary Halloween costume is with a beautiful, bouncy, curly mane.

Thanks to Curlformers, it could not be easier to give your hair that extra lift to make all your friends jump! We’ve pulled together three Halloween inspired curly looks that could be a real treat to make at home.

Scroll down for some tips on how to create your creepy costume – curls included!


Day of the dead sugar skull with corkscrew curls

Flavia Esantiago

  1. Detangle and smooth hair with the HairFlair Large Paddle Brush
  2. Divide curls into 4-6 sections, start by parting your hair in the middle from the front of your hairline
  3. Using the Curlformers Corkscrew Styling Kit, gently glide your divided sections through the Curlformers using the styling hook provided in the styling kit
  4. Repeat on each section of your hair
  5. Once hair is dry, remove Curlformers and tease out the hair from root to tip
  6. Finish your curly look with a floral hair band to give the ultimate scare!
  7. For your face, use face paint to create a white base and add skull features including sunken eyes and floral decoration
  8. Add glitter and a bright bold lip colour to finish the look!


Mermaid fever with barrel curls


Cotty Lee

  1. For small tangles and knots, use your fingers to detangle
  2. Use Flairosol to dampen hair with water to add some slip to your curls
  3. Apply Curlformers Barrel Curls Styling Kit to damp hair to create soft curls
  4. To achieve maximum volume use the HairFlair Deluxe Softhood and attach your hairdryer to it. Switch your hairdryer to low heat; dry your curls for 30-45 minutes
  5. When curls are completely dry, gently slide the Curlformers off your hair
  6. Separate the curls and using non-toxic coloured hair spray, transform your hair to light pink and blue hues
  7. Using make up, highlight the face using purple and pink tones to create beautiful tones and #mermaidvibes


Merida from Brave with spiral curls

Lisa Gregory


  1. Become the bravest Disney princess and channel Merida’s wild curls by using the Curlformers Spiral Curls Styling Kit
  2. Insert the Curlformers kit into damp hair using the styling hook
  3. Allow for hair to naturally dry
  4. Remove the Curlformers from your hair and tousle out with a HairFlair Large Oval Brush
  5. Backcomb hair to create, wild and wind swept look
  6. Using kohl eyeliner, add freckles to your face to become the fearless warrior princess!


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