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Create rock chick curls!

As you’ll see from my photos I’ve got really fine hair and I wanted to achieve some rock-chick curls without using styling irons.  Velcro rollers are great but they just don’t stay in my hair and they’re too big anyway so when a friend told me about Curlformers I couldn’t wait to try them.  Once you get the hang of them (I watched the video on the website first!) they’re SO easy and the results are AMAZING!  My pictures aren’t great, but you’ll get the gist and I hope you can see what a difference they make to my otherwise poker straight, fine hair!

Before Curlformers

So, how do I do it?

Simple!  I wash my hair and comb it through and then I apply some Tigi Curls Rock Booster mixed with a tiny amount of Alterna Texturizing Glaze to give my hair some body.  These work well for me as my hair is medium to fine but if yours is thicker you could use some Redken Sheer Straight or some mousse mixed with a little serum for greater control. I dry my fringe completely because I don’t want it curly, and then I give the rest of it a quick blast before applying the Curlformers.

cal-with-cfs-full-head1During Curlformers

Get great curls with  the following advice

  • Section your hair with clips starting around the bottom & start putting your curlformers in; about an one to two inch sections
  • Make sure you comb each section through & gently twist it before putting your curlformer on (curls will be more perfect).
  • As I don’t want volume at the root I apply the Curlformers about 1-2″ away from it.

Creating Curls with Curlformers – the insider secrets

  • When you’ve finished (I do about three layers ) – leave to dry
  • If you become a Curlformers junkie, like me, it’s worth investing in a soft hood dryer that attaches to your hairdryer and it only takes about 20-30 minutes to dry (longer if your hair is thicker/longer) – then I leave to cool for 10 minutes (very important!) before taking out the Curlformers.
  • If you’re leaving your hair to dry naturally it will take a couple of hours, again depending on the length of your hair, but if you’ve got the time the longer the better.

cal-with-rock-chick-curls3The stunning after result!

When you’re ready to roll, gently remove the Curlformers (watch the video!)……I leave them in curls & use hairspray to set them in place & then I like to mess them up for a rock-chick style! I apply a dash of  finishing cream on any unruly bits & I’m ready to rock!

Top Tip
… Have a shower/bath before you start as the steam will make your curls drop if you do it afterwards!

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