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The #BlackHairChallenge

Over the last month, black natural hair has been a top trend in the social-sphere following a viral tweet.

It all started when popular Twitter account @MelaninMamis created the hashtag #BlackHairChallenge encouraging black women to upload photos of themselves wearing four different hairstyles, showcasing the versatility of their hair.

From braids to straightened and relaxed to weave, the possibilities are endless. Following the original tweet, thousands of women (and men!) have used the hashtag and shared their favourite four hairstyles with the Twitter-verse, with curly styles often coming out as the most beloved.

Did you know, you can create your very own #BlackHairChallenge styles easily with Curlformers?! Extend and define your curls to create versatile looks – ranging from spiral curls to sophisticated barrel curls to chic corkscrew curls – that’s three out of four looks created already!

Here at Curlformers, we love all things naturally curly and are big supporters of the natural hair movement, that models like China McClain are championing.

Here are a few of our favourite curls from the #BlackHairChallenge:






Be sure to tweet us @Curlformers with the #CurlformerCurls you create, for your very own #BlackHairChallenge

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